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To win the award for Best Fiction Short Film , it is necessary not just to tell a story, but to involve the audience in a rich and captivating universe, full of characters that will remain in the memory and a narrative capable of awakening deep emotions. Transport us beyond the limits of reality, where the imagination is free to create and explore. Make us laugh, cry and reflect on the mysteries of existence. Demonstrate skill in constructing the plot and directing actors, creating a cinematic experience that will leave us dazzled and eager for more.

In this category, we will venture into the depths of the human imagination. From the most exuberant fantasy to distorted reality, we seek narratives that take us to alternative worlds, immersing us in exciting, intriguing and surprising plots. This is the stage for great storytellers, where every frame is a blank canvas for creative expression to flourish. Prepare for a journey beyond reality, where the unexpected awaits around every corner.

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