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For those who are interested in improving their academic curriculum and obtaining higher scores in selections for master's degrees, doctorates, selective selection for teaching positions and even a differential for competitions in positions at private institutions, publishing your article in book chapter format is the best option, including for academics at some HEIs, such a publication can even replace a TCC.

- For authors of book chapters with ISBN, this is one of the best options in terms of scoring, as it has the same weight as an article published in a Qualis B3 journal.




For a book to be valid as a BOOK and accepted at Universities, Colleges, Selections, Competitions and even in awards, it is necessary that the book has the ISBN Number Registered by the Brazilian Book Chamber and obtain the Catalog Sheet on the back cover of the book registered with the Brazilian Book Chamber. Coletivo Cine Fórum has the editorial seal registered with the Brazilian Book Chamber, validating e-books as books.Some books have a DOI, but this is NOT REQUIRED for a book. It is a myth that books have Qualis, Qualis is ONLY valid for scientific journals.



My work was previously published in a magazine or conference and event annals, can I publish the same article in chapter format?


If your work has been published in full in a magazine, it is not interesting to REPUBLISH it in a book chapter, but it is not illegal if the previous publication was carried out under a licenseCreative Commons, you, the author, can publish the work again without needing to request authorization. Our publications also use the same license. Otherwise, consult the license and copyright terms and request authorization from magazines when necessary. If only the abstract has been published in conference or event proceedings, the full text can be published as a book chapter, without any problems.

Because we charge for Publication?

In addition to the charge being valid so that only people who are truly interested can publish, every publication has a cost: ISBN removal, Catalog Sheet, Layout, Professional who makes the cover and in some cases illustrator. Unlike other places, we only charge what is really necessary to cover such e-book production costs, since we are an independent Collective, without the help of funding notices.



In time, publication in chapter format is a suggestion from Scielo, see: 


“[…] The natural path of a good quality scientific text is to be published in the proceedings of meeting(s) and, subsequently, in a journal, and also to become a book chapter. This path does not imply inappropriate ethical conduct on the part of the author, as long as the rules of the journal and the book publisher, related to copyright, are respected”.
Available at
Accessed on: 20 Jul. 2022.



Can I submit more than one work?


Yes, but pay attention, as it is only possible to submit two works per author.



My work does not meet the requested standards, can I make adjustments? 

Yes, you must adapt the text to standards equivalent to the type of your work (see standards). If your work has already been published, you must also attach the PDF file of the original publication, so that we can mention it on the cover of your chapter.                    



My work is co-authored, do I need to send authorization from the other authors?    


OCine Fórum Editorial Seal trusts our audience, therefore, authorization from co-authors is not necessary, howeverthe corresponding author assumes full responsibility for publication. We understand that the corresponding author has a common agreement with the co-authors regarding the publication. This step of asking for authorization and informing co-authors about the publication is a great opportunity to organize a distribution for the payment of the fee, as the benefit will be for everyone.

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