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With great satisfaction, we present the physical and digital books "Especial Coletivo Cine-Fórum 7 anos" , a work that reflects the commitment to academic and scientific excellence. This work reflects our unwavering commitment to academic and scientific excellence, covering the seven thematic axes that will guide the future book, strategically aligning with the areas of CAPES, especially the Colleges of Humanities.

By aligning our content with the rigorous scientific standards established by CAPES in Brazil, we seek to offer enriching reading, supported by solid research foundations. Each axis of the future book is carefully based on sources recognized by the academic community. Cine believes that this approach, anchored in the guidelines proposed by CAPES, gives our e-books - free and in open access format - and, exceptionally in this edition, physical books a robust scientific character, strengthening the contribution of Cine-Fórum for knowledge in the proposed thematic areas. The axes that will make up the new Books and E-books Cine-Fórum Especial 7 anos, are the result of the Collective's efforts to produce relevant and updated content, aligned with the standards of excellence established by universities, undergraduate and postgraduate programs and CAPES .

We hope that - upon receiving all the texts and completing the books - the work will be a valuable reference for students, researchers and professionals interested in deepening their knowledge in the areas of the College of Humanities (CAPES), following the consolidation that the Coletivo Cine-Fórum has been in recent years, it has been a reliable publisher of scientific production aligned with the best academic practices in Brazil.

Full notice published.

Registration and submissions begin on April 1, 2024 until June 10, 2024.

Publication of e-books until September 2024.

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