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In this thematic axis, the interconnection between " Sociology, Anthropology and Culture " is explored to understand the complexities of human societies. "Sociology" investigates social structures, relationships and institutions, while "Anthropology" focuses on diverse cultures and understanding human practices.

"Culture" acts as a central point, being analyzed in both sociological and anthropological terms. Sociological investigations highlight how culture shapes social structures, norms, and values. At the same time, the anthropological approach explores cultural diversity, examining rituals, symbols and ways of life.

The intersection of these disciplines provides a more comprehensive view of human societies, considering both social structures and cultural expressions. This thematic axis seeks to understand not only how societies are organized, but also how cultural practices influence and are influenced by social structures.

The integrated analysis of "Sociology, Anthropology and Culture" offers fundamental insights into understanding the complexities of the human experience. The need for an interdisciplinary approach to explore social and cultural dynamics is evident, promoting a holistic understanding of societies and the ways in which culture permeates social life.

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