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This thematic axis explores the interconnections between " Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Images and Symbologies ". "Psychology" forms the basis, analyzing mental and behavioral processes, while "Psychoanalysis" deepens understanding, exploring the unconscious and psychic mechanisms.

The inclusion of "Images" highlights the importance of visual representation in psychology and psychoanalysis. Investigating how images impact perception, cognitive processing and symbolic expression enriches the understanding of psychological dynamics.

The analysis of "Symbologies" complements the axis, revealing how symbols influence the human psyche and are used in psychology and psychoanalysis as tools of interpretation and expression. Understanding the meanings attributed to symbols provides insights into the symbolic construction of psychological reality.

The intersection of these elements highlights the complexity of psychological and symbolic interactions. This thematic axis seeks not only to understand mental and psychic processes, but also how images and symbols play significant roles in the representation and interpretation of the internal and external world.

The integrated analysis of "Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Images and Symbologies" offers an approach that aims to explore the rich tapestry of the human mind, highlighting the importance of considering not only the conscious aspects, but also the symbolic and imagery elements that permeate the psychological universe.

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