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In this thematic axis, the triad " Interarts, Intertext and Interdisciplinarity " constitutes a field of study that transcends disciplinary boundaries to explore the relationships between different forms of artistic and academic expression.

The term "Interarts" refers to the interaction between different art forms, promoting a broader and more integrated understanding of artistic expressions. It analyzes how elements of one art influence and dialogue with others, enriching the aesthetic experience and enabling new interpretations.

"Intertext" focuses on the relationships between texts, whether literary, artistic or academic. Investigating the intertext reveals how works reference each other, creating an interdiscursive dialogue that expands meanings and contexts.

"Interdisciplinarity" expands analysis beyond the boundaries of a single discipline, promoting the integration of different perspectives and research methods. This collaborative approach seeks a more complete understanding, considering how different disciplines intertwine.

Exploring these three elements together reveals how interactions between art forms and academic discourses transcend conventional boundaries, fostering a richer, more interconnected understanding. This thematic axis highlights the importance of collaboration between different disciplines and forms of expression, highlighting how the interaction between arts, texts and disciplines enriches the human and academic experience.

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