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Why publish a chapter in an organized book?

Publishing a book always generates more credibility and prestige for your academic CV, in addition to increasing your visibility as a person and professional. By publishing a chapter in an organized book, the financial investment is smaller and you will receive the same work and quality in return as a book entirely yours. The organized books also have an ISBN, catalog card and meet all Qualis/Capes requirements.


Importance of publishing

The act of publishing is very important, both for the student's academic life and for the professional life of a researcher or professor, in addition to giving visibility to the institutions involved directly or indirectly in the development of the study,There is also the issue of updating lattes and, for literati, updating new publications, therefore, continuing to publish - at least one text per year - is always important.

Opportunities from publications

The publication provides an opportunity to disseminate the work so that the academic community and the general public are aware of the different areas of knowledge and their respective themes. So that everyone can establish contact with a specific author and their research.

Importance of Educational Institutions in research

Therefore, it is extremely important that quality teaching, research and scientific support institutions support the periodic publication of scientific works, whether in organized magazines or books, produced by their teachers, researchers and students.  To such an extent that the interaction between the parties involved, exposing the results of their research to the academic community and the lay public, becomes significant.

Importance of advisors and their advisees in research

However, students (advisors), from the moment they graduate, are expected, through the guidance of qualified professionals (advisors), to develop research and produce articles and present them at academic events, and also published in scientific journals. Thus, as a result of this work, the student gains experience and improves their CV, increasing their chances in the job market.

Our scientific committee

Cine Fórum was born within the University, because of this, our scientific committee has a large number of professors with PhDs and Masters from different areas, from Philosophy to Communication, Literature, Linguistics, Music, Arts, Cinema, among others.

Where to publish?

COLETIVO CINE FÓRUM recognizes the importance of publishing and has published books and collections of academic and scientific articles, in addition to new literary books in our catalogue. And the best thing is that all access is free, so everyone can download the books. Here, you can publish your own article as a book chapter.

Dra. Marinete Aparecida Zacharias Rodrigues

Coordenadora do Programa de Mestrado Profissional em Ensino de História - PROFHISTORIA

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